St Columban’s College, Caboolture Ready for New School Year

StC Principal, Michael Connolly

Demand for St Columban’s College, Caboolture enrolment places has increased so much, that applications for 2021 are set to be closed off at Easter. Some key college dates: Wednesday 29 January – Years 7 and 12 and all new students commence Thursday 30 January – Years 8 to 11 students commence Tuesday 11 February – Year 7 Badge Ceremony Tuesday ...

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Education Vision 2020 – Lea Walker-Franks Talks About Educate Plus, Alumni and Fundraising

School alumni and fundraising expert, and Educate Plus Queensland Chapter President, Lea Walker-Franks talked with trueAU.NEWS about school community engagement, alumni, and fundraising approaches and opportunities. Educate Plus is the only Australasian organisation for professionals in the education sector, Educate Plus is run largely by volunteers who are passionate about supporting individuals in advancement roles. Lea Walker-Franks took the time ...

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Mt Maria College, Petrie Principal Talks About the 2020 School Year

MMCP Principal Wayne Chapman

Mt Maria College, Petrie Principal Wayne Chapman spoke with trueAU.NEWS about some of the plans for the college in 2020. “We’ve had enormous growth in our student numbers, here at the college,” Principal Chapman said in the video interview above. “So, up over 470 students for this year, so it’s very exciting to welcome all those new families into the ...

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Education Vision 2020 – St James College, Brisbane Leadership Team

St James College, Brisbane has the mantra, ‘Global Learning, Achieving Aspirations’. Part of the college leadership team, Kristina Dolejs explained how the mantra is leading to their students having the skills to achieve their aspiration right across the world. “And we’re combining that with the three C’s of Choose, Connect and Commit, in the thinking of the individual as to ...

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Education Vision 2020 – Principal Michael Connolly from St Columban’s College, Caboolture Talks About the Fast Changing Face of Education

St Columban’s College, Caboolture Principal, Michael Connolly says pathways for students are ‘ever changing’. “Pathways for young students are changing and they’ll be ever-changing into the future,” Principal Connolly said in the podcast interview above. “And it’s something that as a school principal, you look at because most of the jobs our young people will go into.., aren’t even created ...

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Education Vision 2020 – Anthony Elmore from St Michael’s College, Merrimac Talks About Staying Ahead of the Changing Face of Education

St Michael's College, Merrimac

St Michael’s College, Merrimac Principal, Anthony Elmore talked with trueAU.NEWS about staying ahead of the changing face of education. “One of the things that we keep coming back to is that education today is not the same as what it was five years ago or ten years ago,” Principal Elmore said in the podcast interview above. “The world has absolutely ...

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Education Vision 2020 – Jim Midgley from Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office Talks About the Future of Education

Jim Midgley from Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Director of Teaching and Learning, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, Jim Midgley talked with trueAU.NEWS about the state of education in Southwest Queensland. “I think that in our lifetimes, we’ll see an end to the traditional classrooms,” Jim Midgley said in the podcast interview above. “We’ll see an end to a standard curriculum. “I think the work of some of our ...

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Education Vision 2020 – Mount Alvernia College, Kedron, Queensland

Mount Alvernia College

“Communicate, communicate, communicate.” This is the message of encouragement to parents, when it comes to engaging in their child’s education. Both the Mount Alvernia College Principal, Dr Kerrie Tuite and Deputy Principal – Student Development and Wellbeing, Annette Butterworth spoke with Learn.JoinTheAdventure as part of the Education Vision 2020 series. This series aims to discuss the state of education in ...

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PODCAST: Education Vision 2020 – St Thomas More College, Sunnybank


Countless amounts of research have shown that the quality of education directly impacts on an individual’s health and opportunities, but also contributes to the prosperity of a country. The St Thomas More College, Sunnybank leadership team sat down with Learn.JoinTheAdventure to talk about the future of education in Australia and Queensland. The college Principal, Les Conroy talked about the transition ...

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